Facebook & Horror movies ….yeh sort of random I know!

Facebook banter : Trimming your friends list isn’t as easy as you think. Sure there are a bunch of people who wont notice but there is bound to be some guy you meet in the pub who has noticed and wants a good reason…………………can’t I just tell people the truth : 90% of the people on our ‘friends’ list will never be seen again in real life , especially when I live across the world from them! Thats all I have to say about Facebook really as it’s useful but I use it begrdugingly and much prefer my blog. Halloween horror movies : I was discussing on the forums the other day about horror movies . I don’t even think I’m a fan of horror , but when I broke it down there are a lot of horror movies I like . Ranging from the humorous to the down right scary. I don’t want to pidgeon hole these movies so the list is pretty varied . Here goes, some horror/scary flicks I have enjoyed and still do NOT in order ( forgive me if I use the word atmosphere far too much) : 

Pit & and the pendulum. Can’t beat the classics. Indeed anything with Vincent Price is masterful. Atmospheric and eery.

Roadkill : Saw this at the pics a few years back. Gripping and edgy. Modern day ‘Duel’.

The mist : Steven King is a master at this stuff

The Fly : Jeff Goldblum is superb in this remake.

Pyscho : No need to say why. Great movie.

Vertigo : Again Hitchcock at his finest.

Bad Taste : Peter Jackson shining early in his career on a shoe string budget long before he worked with Hobbits. Humorous and macabre. I had to use the word macabre.

Scream movies : People scoff but I love these movies. A fun hark back to the 90’s . Teens running and screaming barely clad yet the killer is seemingly unflinching and doesnt even glance at the nakedness. Amazing stuff.

The Shining : Truly sublime horror. Set in a great environment.

Dawn of the Dead : Ok so I don’t like it as much as Gareth , but hey who does?

Poltergeist : Had me shitscared as a kid.

Shaun of the dead : Uhm can I put this in here? Funny as hell and great to see British movies making the grade.




~ by richardpmurfin on October 31, 2011.

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  1. yeah that’s why you need to sort out the list once in a while….

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