Teppanyaki & Scream 4 …………

Went out for Travis’ birthday. Was a whole lot of fun. Ended up in New York Bagel eating dinner at 2.30 , a bit sureal but it was funny. Ripping into Ryan an quipping drunkenly over our burgers. The Taiwan beer factory was the usual affair. Loud and slightly annoying. But the draught was good and it was good to catch up with friends. Even if Bill did wuss off ridiculously early.

I now sit and watch Benjamin Button on Hollywood. It’s a very good movie littered with poignient moments and points about how to enjoy life. Not to let it slip by and indeed to enjoy each opportunity when it presents itself. Quite an inspiring movie , makes me glad I moved to Asia and indeed Taiwan. Indeed it also makes me want to work on a tugboat across the world, calling in at random ports in Scandinavia.

I now have a fresh coffee and some fresh orange and plan to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I’ll add a chapter or two later as the day progresses.

Walked around New Taipei City and ended up in a cool little teppanyaki place in which we ate salmon steak and black pepper beef. I really think tepenyaki can give Mcdonalds a run for it’s money in the Sunday hangover need for food stakes. I hired Scream 4 and plan to watch later even though it got cack reviews.

Lastly I have to moderate more on cod4forums.com  as some NFL spam bot has completely destroyed the website with tons of crap.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 30, 2011.

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