Please have mosh pit in MW3!


Capture the Flag – Capture the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your own flag site to score. You can’t score if the enemy also has your flag; you or someone on your team must kill their flag carrier, and return your flag before you can score (by standing over it for a few seconds). There is no score limit. The team with the most flags captured within the time limit wins. In the event of a draw, teams enter ‘overtime’. During overtime, the first team to touch the enemy’s flag wins the game.

Demolition – Teams must attack or defend two bomb sites. All attacking team members are in possession of a bomb and can plant at either site. Both bomb sites must be destroyed for you to win the round. If a bomb is defused, another bomb can be planted. Defending players spawn close to bomb sites, attacking players DO NOT. Consider Tactical Insertion when attacking.

If after both teams have attacked and defended the score is a draw, the game is decided by a third round. The defending team in the third round have a massive advantage, as one site is usually very easy to defend.

Domination – There are three flags that can continuously be captured by each team. If you hold one flag you get 1 point every 5 seconds, 2points every 5seconds for 2 flags & finally 3 points every 5 seconds for ‘dominating’/holding three flags. The first team to 200 points wins the match.

Players with quick maths skills can calculate how many flags are needed to pull back a losing score in time, or maintain a relatively substantial lead up until 200 points limit is reached.

Headquarters – A Headquarters site is randomly selected and can be captured by either team. There is a 30 second delay between the site of headquarters being announced (by waypoint), and it coming ‘online’ (i.e. when you are able to capture it). Once the headquarters is captured, the capturing team will accrue points until it is destroyed by the opposition. Members of the team defending a captured headquarters cannot respawn until the headquarters is destroyed. Once this happens a new headquarters is selected at random and the process is repeated until the score limit of 200 is reached

Search & Destroy
– One bomb must be planted and detonated at one of two bombsites. Teams attack for 3 rounds and defend for 3 rounds. There are NO RESPAWNS. Plant & detonate the bomb or kill the entire opposition team to win the round. If the defending team defuses a planted bomb they win the round, even if there are opposition team members remaining. Scoring is best of six, so if a team reaches 4 points the game ends.

Sabotage – A centrally located bomb can be obtained by either team and planted at the enemy’s bomb site (by their spawn). Opposition bomb carriers are highlighted by an overhead ‘KILL’ flag (which has a slight delay). If a bomb carrier is killed or a bomb is defused, the bomb remains in that location until it is picked up by either team (it does reset if it isn’t picked up, but this rarely happens). First team to successfully detonate a bomb win the game. HECTIC!

Not my info I cant take the credit but this is mosh pit. If it’s in the game I’ll never play anything else. Modern Warfare 2 had a great pit until it was removed 😦 .


~ by richardpmurfin on October 29, 2011.

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