Poignant or nondescript you choose your Freshpressed style!

So blog entries range from …..’I just had a sandwich’ to ‘I’ve just climbed K2 and I’m typing on my laptop!’ When I glance at freshly pressed* though invariably it’s the charming yet unoffensive entries that seem to make the grade. Nicely laid out. A colourful grabbing picture and a witty yet slighly cheesey title attempting to snare readers, or indeed snare the man in charge of freshly pressed’s blogs of the day/week or whatever it is. One thing is for sure some seem to stick around a lot longer than others. If I see that blog about burrito rage once more I may go into a rage myself. The formula seems to be simple : Nicely laid out, nicely titled , nicely pictured and seemingly few spelling errors. Most importantly they have to be relatively unnoffensive. I have pondered in the past about whether I’d be freshly pressed myself but seeing as I might few of the categories above I’m guessing I wont be. It would indeed be the biggest irony ever if this little moan became a Fresh pressed blog ( warts and all) .

Lastly I do wonder after the dust has settled and the current freshly pressed entries are replaced by newer glitzier models. How much of the blog do people read beyond the original catchy entry? Do they continue to comment on the new or old entries ? Do they subscribe and become friends with the authors? Or indeed do they all run to the next batch and make a fickle entry about the next bunch of interesting stories……………who knows.

* Freshly pressed to people who arent users of this blog site is a collection of the ‘best’ or indeed most interesting blogs of the week.  They are put on the entrance page to the your own blog. When you go to click in you can view other peoples entries carefully selected by the man in the sky at WordPress.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 28, 2011.

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