New Taipei City

So it’s monday again and I’ll be heading off for work soon enough. Working in Taipei City is cool and all but it would be decent If I could work in Taipei County (New Taipei City) . Being able to walk to work would be  a down right luxury . I had the chance to work for Joy a few months back which I can see from my bedroom window …doh! Anyway my job is currently only 15 hours and I’m not legally tied to it . Meaning I can leave if the right opportunity arises. I never actually signed a contract and I never get this feeling that they really want to cling onto staff. Sure the kids are nice and seem happy to see me but I guess what I’m saying is when you add it all up the job isnt that great. One thing that is worth saying , it isn’t an ideal time year to look for jobs. Tealit ( teaching english in Taiwan ) is pretty sparse at the moment. Oh well I guess I’m just thinking out loud.

Reading : I’m in the midst of looking for a new book. Ideally I want the second Harry Potter book. I’m sure I bought the Chamber of secrets years ago but may have to visit Bongo’s for a cheap copy of it. Such a shame I have a ton of books back home in the garage.

Football : What a weekend of footy. Last night Chelsea lost to QPR. Newcastle scraped a win against Wigan on Saturday. But most amazing of all was Man City 6-1 demolition of Utd. It seems Man Utd have some chinks in their armour and if they are to win the league and Europe of course they need to address them . Ferdinand is past it. Evans is not a champions league standard player. Evra was so bad yesterday he was out of place, didnt track back and the two young lads fabio and rafael arent ready. Jones needs to play alongside Vidic and they need a good full back or two. But the midfield looked like it lacked spark ( apart from Rooney) . If they had got sneider maybe theyd be a better outfit. Don’t get me wrong they are still world class and  man down made it  hard for them.  But Fergie said he wants to compete with Barca . I can’t see any sign of that so far with the players they have. Lastly I don’t for a secong think City are now the best team they will still hit rough patches . Id not say they are the finished article. Too many players to gel and too many pre-madonnas . They also have no European experience. Id still tip utd to win the league tbh. Parts of this were removed from my Facebook as it’s just easier nowadays lol.

Beer : Okay so we overdid it on Friday night. I really want to go for Travis’ birthday but I have to try and control myself and not let a beer or two dominate my weekend. One idea is to JUST drink bottled beer to moderate my drinking and speed. Thats the idea for Saturday. Last night I was perusing beer reviews I happened to have a heineken or two and posted a comment on Chadz beer reviews . ( a sort of pudgy no chinned reviewer on youtube) In a vid he was ripping Heineken . Yeh sure macro lagers are an easy target I know . But he was really overdoing it and argued it was worse that cheap USA macros. I personally think mainstream lagers should be put in a bracket of their own. There are ales, stoutes, bitters , lagers and macros. This should be taken into consideration when reviewed. Indeed If you compare Heinee to say Stella or Carlsberg I know what I’d rather have. I guess I despise people who think they know something , or maybe it’s just this guy.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 24, 2011.

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