Bring on the Yakitori!!!!!!!!

Karakuchi! What better way to spend a Friday night than to walk straight from work to a Yakitori street. My fave one of choice is near Minchuen. It’s a handful of Jap style skewer places with delicious salty and spicy meats together with ice cold beer. Ranging from Taiwan Gold to Super Dry right down to the Euro classics such as Heineken. The places themselves are nothing special to look at ( see pic) . But it’s the urban , rustic nature of these places that really appeals to me. It is also the difference in the food compared to my normal diet. Jody makes great food every night ranging from English style dinners to pasta and noodles  right down to Chili con carne recently. During the day I eat bland 7-11 sandwiches. All of this points to why I really embrace Yakitori. The subtle spices and grilled texture of the meat leaves you wanting more and I dont end up getting stuffed as I would after a meal of say Japanese BBQ. Often people will connect Japanese grilled food and think woah yeh a huge barbecue. That’s the last thing I want. Similarly sushi isn’t as moreish. Once I’ve had a few bits of sushi I dont crave it. This type of food I can go back to an hour or two later.

The Asians,  more specifically Japan. Really has found a type of food condusive to drinking. I was always of the school that people in Taiwan for example dont drink beer as a whole. The younger ones don’t . Older people crammed into stir fry restaurants do. They will sit until the wee hours drinking Taiwan beer and eating Kung pao chicken and seafood. Japan similarly has street foods and tiny bars in which lager is consumed on mass with a variety of salty snacks and seafood. Yakitori places are a prime example of the way the Japs have turned street eating into an art form if you will. Upon landing in Taiwan, I was very set in my ways. I drank from pint glasses in pubs. The fact that these environments were few and far between got me to get off my ass and find more. Indeed I still like to drink alcohol and beer but now I do it in a whole different way. In many ways I’d rather drink from a glass just twice the size of a shot glass. It seems to make more sense if your sharing a 500/600 mil bottle around. Beer stays cold and can be drank at your own leisure. There is no pressure from others as people really cant see how much you have drank.I’m not looking down on previous lifestyles or how I used to behave. Indeed I like a good pint of ale in Gies from a nice conical glass, I still of course like pie and chips and sunday roast. I am simply finding new ways to drink, eat and socialise and indeed appreciate the environment I’m in.



~ by richardpmurfin on October 21, 2011.

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