Thursday night…..Lu wei/Lager/light jogging

I like watching crap cheesy 80’s horror movies on cinemax. Recently Indiana Jones has been on tv loads as well as a gangster season ( Goodfella’s and Donnie Brasco to name a few) . I have just eaten a mountain of Lu wei* ( not sure the English) and had a can of Miller after we ran around no4 park. That’s all for now it was a quick update. Tomorrow is Friday & we have decided to go to the Jap bbq area (Yakitori) just until 12 and enjoy some cold beer and food. We are planning to go to Jody’s parents’ house on Saturday so have to control ourselves.

*“lu wei” (魯味) is a typical Taiwanese street food that has an assortment of vegetables and meat that are boiled and served with spices.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 20, 2011.

One Response to “Thursday night…..Lu wei/Lager/light jogging”

  1. i like luwei a lot

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