We werent planning on going out. Indeed it all started with an innocent sausage sandwich at on tap. Me Gareth and Jody. Indeed I even drank bottles of light beer. Unfortunately that turned into a drink at a cool place called the Q bar in the Fuxing area and then Bobwundaye and then Gies. Overall although I woke up late today I really didnt feel that bad ( not so good for Jody tho) and we went for Shabu. I’m gonna run in a minute to eleviate some guilt. The island is on tv right now, it’s a pretty good movie. Later I’ll play some cod and try to play red dead although it’s been glitchy as hell recently.

 Sport : Frankel won again yesterday in the QE2 confirming him as the best horse in the world.  Man utd drew with Liverpool ( watched in in the qbar) , Rooney was banned for 3 England games and Newcastle play Spurs tonight on tv at 11pm.

MW3 : There a bunch of new weapons in modern warfare 3 and I have dug out a few Im looking forward too. :

Assault Rifles :

M16A4. 3burst fire and high damage. Very accurate. According to stats mobility changes for different AR’s ( before it was static for each class eg ; high for all smg’s and low for all Lmg’s). This could lead to some AR’s being more used than others. I find the m16 is normally a well liked and used weapon.
G36C. A hark back to call of duty 4. A solid AR with controllable recoil and a decent feel. I’m looking forward to using this bad boy again.
 MP7. It’s a new smg to the series. Im intruiged by this bad boy as it’s a Heckler and och update. I think it’s bound to be powerful and fast with good manouverability.
PP90M1. A cool smg in which the clip is the underside of the gun . I think it’s a gas canister or something that helps power it. I’d like to see how well this one works also.
Other gun’s I’m looking forward to are the AK47 (obviously), ACR, SCAR, and M4. Of the smg’s I eagerly await the return of the mp5, the UMP and the classic P90. The Skorp has made a comeback this time as a machine pistol.
The images are taken for the modernwarfare3.com website and are not mine.

~ by richardpmurfin on October 16, 2011.

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