Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3

So the time is near and the fanboys are out in force. Modern warfare lovers in my opinion are just happy to see a new game with new guns etc. But BF player;s seem to have this immense chip on their shoulders. They constantly insult modern warfare games and talk up a title that hasn’t been all that good in previous incarnations. Indeed The two games are different. One is about larger team campaigns the other is about fun and sort of just gunning for it. As a none biase consumer I find it hard to care. The thing is I want bf3 to be good. But a part of me wants it to be crap just to shut up the modern warfare haters. All I ever hear is how good BF3 is and it hasnt even been released yet. I WANT mw3 to be good but I certainly have no knowledge of how it compares to bf3. In a perfect world they will all be released and we as punters can just pick the best one. As a none biase gamer I would like to see all the current FPS like mw3/bf3/rage etc, be amazing so we are able to lazily pick them up at our leisure and enjoy each one on it’s merits. Anyway time will tell. One thing is for sure the people who are predestined to hate modern warfare will still hate it even if it is epic. People will always find a way to undermine something seamingly out of spite. If BF3 is better than mw3 I’ll happily play that instead. Indeed I was ready to get into Black Ops and would have if it hadn’t been a pile of old cack.

I’m about to make the epid journey from England to Taiwan so wish me luck. Jody wasn’t able to change our seats online so we might be faced with tiny crappy chairs for likw 16 hours. Oh noes.

Reflections on England : Ignoring the personal issues like not having time to visit Bonna/Anna which of course I am sorry about . England this time has been cool. I never really see the real England as I am simply a tourist now. I see prices as an inconvenience but not as an every day occurence. Because of that the frustration I’d feel as a resident is not here. Indeed finding work would be the first irritating hurdle one which luckily I don’t have to face . The standard of job UK citizens can get out of university would be a big concern especially for me as my resume has a six year hole in it. The people similarly I dont see in a day to day capacity, but overall I havent been stabbed so that has to be a good thing heh. The food of course I will miss but I really feel in two weeks Ive had a good fix of pasties/pies/sandwiches and really dont need any more just now. I now find myself eager to get back to Taiwan , to my life, my job, my ps3 , modern warfare and Japanese barbecue beer restaurants. In all it’s been great but I’m glad to go home……… adopted nation of Taiwan where they welcome you at the airport with a friendly smile and actually aplogise when they ask you to put your belongings on the airport metal detector.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3”

  1. PS3 fan….. YEah..!!! Taiwan, what is your Ps3 ID, we shall play together.. Welcome back

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