Friday & Saturday

Watched England scrape a 2-2 draw against Montengro they still qualified though. Drank some Jack Daniels special edition and had a Scarecrow ale. Today I had my last main meal ; Chicken pie , veg and chips.  I went for a jog earlier and some old reject tiny underpants as I didnt want to use new ones before I head off in fear of leaving them.  The result is they have  chaffed my groin so bad I can’t walk too well hehe. Oh well I guess I’ll be pretty stationary for the next two days flying. I get back on Monday night pretty late , too late to do anything. I just hope I have enough time to start on my comeback to Modern warfare as when I get back I’ll be so out of practice  three year old girls will cut me down with ease.

Beer : It was great that Jody managed to get a snap of the beer prices in Harrogate . Below is a shot of the selection of beer in the UK and a sign of how costly it’s become. Note this is a cooler pub without the usual Carling and Fosters. Indeed the cheapest option is Amstel which is in itself a good pint.I regret not trying Grolsch blond :


~ by richardpmurfin on October 9, 2011.

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