Night in Moffat Scotland

We had a night in the thinnest hotel ever in the world ( or that’s what they claim) . The Star hotel in Moffat in the borders of Scotland. Dad paid for our breakfast and board overnight. The room was cozy and the hotel had a good atmosphere. After we had all had dinner together ( steak & ale pie with mash and peas)  my parents left and we rested and went on a mini pub crawl around Moffat. We went to the Coach & horse. The Stag hotel , the Balmoral , the Black Bull and ending up at the Star itself. We even finished with a chicken Kebab with garlic n bbq sauce.

Beer : We mainly drank the local ale ( Belhaven best ) which at 3.2% was a great session beer with a nice caramel , hoppy taste. I also drank Kronenbourg , Tetley’s, Speckled Hen and Deucher’s . The latter was a better pint than we had had in the Rose & Crown in Bellingham.

The next day after a sausage butty, Rice Krispies and toast we wandered around Moffat in the chill air. Walking around the main streets , outsideof town and even the graveyard.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 7, 2011.

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