Dublin days……………..

Back from Dublin. So much to write but I’ll barely remember it all. I wore the same clothes for 3 days and basically we went from pub to pub. Fantastic atmosphere. We mostly  hung around the Temple bar area were the hotel was. The hotel had a great atmosphere and we only had to stumble a couple of yards to get to the room.The room itself was adequate with a small tv and large bed.

 Dublin was a mass of tourists and I’d argue that 1/2 the people were tourists ( at least in the Temple bar area ) . Scandinavians dominated the environment. The pubs themselves were great tho. Reminded me of lan Gua Fong in HK. The prices werent ideal between 4.50 and 5 Euros. Roughly 200nt so it’s still cheaper than Taiwan when compared to Carnegies and the Tavern ( non happy hour of course) .The atmosphere in Dublin was great in the pubs and Irish music was in abundance. Old style pubs with snug corners and huge varieties of beers are really missed for me in Taiwan. Some of the pubs we went to of note : The Temple bar. The Storehouse . O’shea’s…….and uhm I’ll add more when I remember.

Beer Now this is a funny one. Guinness of course was in abundance and yes it tasted better. Indeed the abiding taste of Guinness in and around the world is a burnt metallic taste. This was not even in the slightest apparent in Dublin. It was smooth and creamy a MUCH better pint. Other beers to note were Smithwicks : A beer that tastes like a cross between stoute and lager. Beamish which is a rich stoute much like Guinness , Killkenny, Murphy’s as well as a selection of lager. Lager was a strange one. In Dublin Budweiser , Miller Genuine Draught and Coors Light were abundant. Indeed a lot of Irish people seemed to drink this over Guinness. I find it strange after living in Asia were the only American lagers are Busch and Miller High Life to see Bud and MGD in such abundance. Carlsberg and Heineken were also very popular ( how the hell Carlsberg is popular I dont know) .  Bulmers cider was also huge over there . It seems to be the Irish equivalent of Magners ( but without the ice) .

Food : We had fish and chips on the last day and a great sausage butty from the restaurant in the hotel. But most of the time we had sandwiches to be honest as we were on a budget of sorts ( 300 Euro basically ) . When we did need money none of my Taiwan cards worked obviously as apparently there are no international banks in Ireland. This lead to a series of incident in which we tried to get cash out but failed , (but thats another drawn out story, involving a speech impaired barman, a bolivian and a credit card ) . I’m still not bored of pre-packed sandwiches given the paucity of them in Taiwan but who knows in another week maybe I will.

Overall it was great but I’m glad to be back here doing nothing in the house with a cup of coffee and my computer. We are gonna have a bbq later in the garden with real floured baps and 28 degrees in the garden ( yes it’s an Indian summer in late Sep) . I will go for a jog first to try and eleviate the guilt of the last three days. There is a whole lot more to say about Dublin but for the life of me I cant remember just now. Oh and I wore the same clothes for 3 days.

Pictures include : The Temple bar/Food in Ireland and the pumps we encountered when out.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 29, 2011.

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  1. Loving the booze I see. Good skills. Enjoy. Come and have some Robin Hood/South Yorkshire fun (we’re in Sheffield Sunday 2nd Oct) please. Anna Spanna Banana x

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