London Bawmbs………..

So we are here . After an epically long and uncomfortable journey . We made it. I managed to watch half the Leeds game and have but two London Prides before I crashed out at 9.30 . It’s now 8.20 and I’ll have some REAL breakfast consisting of : Rice Krispies , real toast and butter, some Wenslydale and real ground coffee from a Delonghi machine. I’ll make another entry when I’ve done stuff.

Today I watched sport on tv. Went for a jog down the road and then we had lasagne, potatoes and veg with garlic bread. Man I miss lasagne. Jody bought mustard and salad cream and a whole plethora of bread such as English muffins and cheese scones. We then went to Kielder and a pub called the Pheasant . I enjoyed two pints of Wylam gold and proceeded to review it on

Arsenal and Newcastle both won thanks to Robin Van Persie and Djemba Ba respectively. Newcastles form is suprising and funnily enough I saw Alan Pardew coming out of the plane yerterday and congratulated him briefly. I might watch a movie now and enjoy some London Pride. That’s all for now.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 24, 2011.

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