Fundemental , poignient postings to gain a ‘freshly pressed’ status!


It strikes me that ALL of the featured blogs are a little too perfect . A little too contrived and more often than not a little impersonal. Sure we could all put a dramatic picture at the top and talk about how the summer has turned to autumn and the cherry blossoms are looking to ripen. But how real is it? Few people who are freshly pressed have real pictures or a guy saying ok so here’s an everyday gripe. Or ‘today I got a spot on my chin’ . I guess people dont want to read real postings or at least the guys who sift through the blogs go for the dramatic or the more epic of postings. Just me thinking out loud I guess. Anyway I’m off to work. The above picture is of Taipei County . I’m sure gonna miss it when I’m back in the UK for two weeks.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 20, 2011.

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