Shift Cover………../Chilling out

My school have still fumbled the ball on covering for my holiday . If anyone can cover for me at least one day I’ll be very happy .

Sept 22 – Oct 9

Mon 4.40 -7.40

Tue 6-8

Wed 3-8

Thu 4.40-7.40

Fri 3-6.10

Only 16 hours at the moment.  It’s a good job .

Other things of note. Arsenal drew in the champ league last night. They gave away a last minute goal at Dortund grrr. Watching Voyager ‘retrospect’ as we speak. Tonight Man Utd and City are at Benfica and Napoli respectively. Both Manchester clubs are on fire at the moment it will be interesting to see if that form stretches to Europe. I have another Suntory autumn brew here and may have a glass of brandy after. This is the good life it really is. Played a few games of team tactical with mates ( the only way to get a game is to round people up) earlier and had some decent scores. Not to mention a 3 on 1 clutch after which I defused ( s&d on invasion) . That’s all for now folks.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 14, 2011.

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