A week to recover

So I’m back to work and just about recovered from the session that was Moon Festival. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it but man I can’t push myself like that much more. The main reason is I finish work around 6pm. Me and Jody meet and we are in the best part of town. The part with all the bars and restaurants. We always plan to go home but think well we are already in town why not have  a beer or two? Our argument is we might as well have a drink on the Friday and get it over with…….and by that we mean have fun but probably overindulge and invariably we do overindulge. So this time round we had to go to a bbq knowing we had Monday off as well. Basically my 3 day holiday was drink-recover.drink-recover. For that reason I feel I sort of wasted it. I also seem to crave lager more than ever . I think the heat doesnt help. A cold Japanese lager helps to make the moment better in most cases heh.

Listening to ambient nights now. Winding down for the night. I played some mw2 and watched an episode of Voyager ‘prey’ . As I’m really off alcohol I have just had a couple of Johnnie Walker red and Pepsi’s . J Walker red is bitter and I’d never drink it normally but hey it was a gift. I also got some Brandy which I’ll lay into when I’m short of options. I’m off to bed to read library of souls.

Additional : Only eleven days till we are off. I hope I dont get homesick for Taiwan when we are back. Whenever I go back to the UK I feel like a foreigner in a strange land.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 14, 2011.

One Response to “A week to recover”

  1. we will take it easy this weekend:)

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