Beer update / Moon Festival

Suntory’s new autumn beer is back in 7-11 . Mild hi strength lager with a distinct taste.

I can’t make new posts here so Im using the previous one to talk about the weekend and Moon festival.  Indeed although this post is from like Thursday or Friday it’s actually Saturday now. I spent 20 mins blogging only to find it hadnt saved. I really hope that blogs dont have a finite memory or it would be a bit crap wouldnt it? ‘Here is blog of my life in Taiwan……….oh sorry guys it all has to end in 2011 as i ran out of RAM!’ .

It’s Moon festival again and we celebrated with ……….Japanese food down civic boulevard, what a shock heh. Me, Travis , Jody and Gareth went out. We hadn’t planned on going out and I now have a stinker of a hangover. It was a good night but got pretty hazy at the end. I remember drinking a Super Dry and Gareth losing some cash heh. We started at the Heinee bar then a small Japanese place then Urban 45 a ‘cool’ bar over the road . We ended up in a rustic little Jap place at which point Jody had had too much and ran off heh.

I wish there was a way to get more human traffic onto my blog without spamming it with random words like : ‘handbag’ and ‘cheap cosmetics’. If this really is my last blog entry I’ll also be very sad as I have really enjoyed writing it again. Oh well maybe it’ll start working again. 3 days off YEH!


~ by richardpmurfin on September 8, 2011.

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