Day off

Took a day off because my leg was so chafed from walking yesterday it was red raw and I could barely hobble. Yeh I know the most ridiculous reason ever but there I said it. Might have stir fry if I can hobble down to the local place heh.
Okay I appreciate to the casual reader who wants to hear about life in Taiwan this next entry will be a little dry and specific . I aplogise the next few entries will go back to life in general but bear with me if you like modern warfare . Here is more mw3 discussion/Cod chat/Modern warfare information/Mw3 gun damage/MW3 info/Mw3 map’s/Perks of mw3/Killstreak’s mw3. Okay that’s enough shameless efforts to gain human traffic via catchy titles :

Many weapons have returned and many are welcome. Indeed if the weapons are balanced then I see now reason why the ACR and the UMP should not return. It is however interesting to see the UMP has returned. Just have to hope its not overpowered. Im sure Ill have have ump silenced class. Makes me start to ponder my classes. I know I’ll have one LMG, at least two smgs ( silenced and unsilenced) and a couple of AR classes. Id like to see even the steadiest gun have some recoil at distance. Personally it felt far more satisfying dropping someone with my m4 in cod4 than it did in mw2. Not because of the feel or the weapon itself but the challenge of a-using the metals ( staying silent meant a trade off in those days) and b-coping with the recoil & sway.
Mw3 follwers clearly appreciate they are becoming segregated from the masses. To me it feels a lot like the crap Manchester Utd fans get. You either love them as a fan or like the rest of the country you despise them. The more incarnations that appear it is also apparent that the gap between Treyarch and Infinity ward/sledgehammer is widening. There are similar traits but mw clearly wants that in your face OTT action that yes can be a little too overwhelming but is still gratifying and addictive. Black ops has gone for a slower jerkier, crapper feel with shit tinny guns and a shite graphics. The engine is essentially the same but a version behind. It is apparent to anyone that I dont like BOPS. If Treyarch made a version that I like id happily buy it however.
To the casual glance is appears that mw3 is actually mw2.1 . Indeed is that such a bad thing? The removal of overpowered secondaries was a good thing. Keeping in a huuuuuge amount of killstreaks I feel could be a mistake. IW arent stupid though and realise the younger generation with their parents wallet freshly opened want to see bombs , explosions and huge armoured choppers. Hardened fans might just find refuge in the new reconfigurable private game mode in which said overpowered and undesirable streaks can be removed. I still feel the lack of XP ( or at least online XP ) puts off most players . Hardened players or people who want to play with mates however will persevere methinks.
The addition of Elite ( online subscription ) giving players extra free DLC , stats finders and other extras is a clever move in one respect but also a sad move for the casual consumer. Yes MW is a heavy brand and will make extra cash. Yes it’s a good idea. But essentially they are charging for what Treyach gave away for free. Consumers with a limited budget or indeed kids who get one game a year wont be able to participate and it could very well seperate the market of players. I almost bought a PVR recently to record those epic 43-1 moments. Perhaps with the new theatre mode I dont need to fork out 10k and it could actually be cheaper in the long run heh.
The game modes are a key feature that have drawn me back to the idea of a new cod game. Even having access to game modes that are in mw2 is great. This is simply because living in asia where the market is smaller and the fact that not many people play anymore, has meant a decline in people playing the better game modes : team tac/Cap the flag and sabo.
Indeed If mosh pit is to be included in MW3 from the start ( demo/sabo/s&d/Ctf/Dom/Tdm) then I cant see myself playing much else. Variety is the key with FPS nowadays as running around shooting people just to get kills DOES get boring eventually believe it or not. Team tactical is another fantastic game mode in which just 4 players pit their wits against one another in Dom/demo/S&D/Tdm. If that is in and I get a close bunch of people like Gareth and Cloud or even Travis to participate it could be a very good way to while away the hours AND socialise ( sort of heh) . Lastly I hope the perks are more balanced than in Mw2. Essentially stopping power was used by 90% of users and was clearly overpowered. IW’s decision to automatically make the users have SP ( in reality the weapons are basically more powerful now) mean the game does run the risk of your seen your dead scenario , something which basically happens in high end lobbies. Rarely do a flurry of bullets half catch you and enable you to get away something that could actually happen in black ops due to the lack of SP ( a good thing in my book something black ops got right) .They should also have elimnated quickscoping. Something else bops got right.

No danger close/commando/last stand/lightweight/marathon also means the ‘cheaper’ perks have been eliminated. Personally I never had a problem with most of these. My main concern is the tubes and RPGs which are still available as attachments and secondaries. Why not downgrade them? Make it a lot slower to change to the tube. Make the explosions weaker and indeed if you want to pick the tube you cant have two attachments. The RPG should be more erratic in its aiming.

Killstreak system

Having a new three tier  system  available means the user can now concentrate on one style perhaps for his own sake or indeed to serve the team as a balancer. The game contains all new Strike Packages, and Killstreaks have been redesigned to reward different play styles and skill levels. Completing game mode objectives now counts towards your Pointstreak progression, and this time around, kills are not the only way to earn Pointstreaks – these Pointstreaks will also cater to more unique play-styles such as the following:

  • Assault Strike Package – Pointstreaks within this package chain and are designed for more direct damage (Predator, helicopter, etc), just like in Modern Warfare  2. Your streak resets on death. Basically this means you can run around like an idiot commando like the old days. Good for TDM and FFA and the more selfish kill getter ( me) .
  • Support Strike Package – Pointstreaks within this package do not chain. However, streaks do not reset on death. Streaks are more support oriented (UAV, Counter UAV, SAM turret, etc). Good for players who want to feel involved in the winning of the game but perhaps dont last more than a life or two. I can see some difficulty in how this works however. If they dont reset what is to stop a player having literally 10-20 of these waiting in the wings?
  • Specialist Strike Package – Pointstreaks designed for the expert players. Rewards come in the form of additional perks. A player activates additional Perks as they progress in a Pointsreak. These perks last until death. You perk up the more you kill. Great for killing machines but in highly competitive games I feel none but the bravest would use this. In ffa it seems like a very good idea.

I briefly mentioned private games. These perks could be used in certain game modes ( eg no attacking perks) or ONLY strike package could be used in a FFA game. This would give mates good scope to try and get all the perks and really rub their mates faces in it.  Some interesting private game modes have been unearthed : The series of new modes making their introduction to the Modern Warfare series are:

  • Infection – The infected kills enemies to recruit them for the infected team.
  • Drop Zone – Hold the Drop Zone for Team Points and Care Packages.
  • Team Juggernaut – With the support of a juggernaut, kill players on the opposing team. The firstteam to reach the score limit wins.
  • Juggernaut – Kill the Juggernaut to become the new Juggernaut
    Gun Game – Be the first to dominate with every gun
    One in the Chamber – Gain ammo by eliminating enemies. Be the last to survive.

Lastly two new game modes enter normal play :

  • Kill Confirmed – Collect dog tags from killed players. Prevent the other team from collecting yours. Like Crysis 2 .
  • Team Defender – Grab the flag and protect the flag carrier to increase your team’s score. Seems like assasin from KZ3.


Okay here is a map idea. Unity map pack. 5 maps from all the previous versions of cod . 5 from BOPS. 5 from WAW. 5 from cod4 and 5 from mw2. I’d like to suggest the mw ones : cod4 – pipeline/overgrown/downpour/bloc/showdown/ Mw2 maps : Terminal/scrapyard/favela/wasteland/underpass. I was careful not to put in too many from the classics in mw2 or people really would get sick. This wouldn’t merge with the game but be a seperate game mode utilizing the maps for mosh pit/S and D/TDM and DOM. If they were merged with the current 20 maps it could be deemed as overkill and people without the maps would be cut from the playlist ( something that irks me right now if a mate cant play in a certain map) .


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