Manchester Utd 8 Arsenal 2

Out and out disaster. If you were to look at the team sheet other than V Persie I can’t see any of the Arsenal players getting into the Man Utd team. It’s a long way from the days where people would have killed to have Henry, Pires, Viera, Bergkamp and even Fabregas. Unless Arsenal spend quick they will be lucky to get into the Europa cup. On a brighter note I got the day off school ( Typhoon days weee) . It was a solid day of drinking coffee , walking around and playing mw2.

Beer : Eventually got some Super Dry at the NINTH convenience store of asking. I hope they dont phase it out of Taiwan or I’ll be most angry. Why keep Yanjing beer or genric Suntory’s in the 7-11 but not the greatest beer ever?

Games : Finished Final Fantasy 7 today. My characters were all souped up and I blitzed Sepiroth for the second time in 15 years heh. I really enjoyed the game the second time around almost as much as the first. Aquiring weapons. Getting combinations together, building experience points and materia. It was a really addictive experience going for side quests and bolstering my characters. Whereas the first time I sort of just wanted to finish the game. I now plan to skip FF8 (just for now) and go for 9 on the psn classic store. I tried 8 a few years back and it took a bit of getting used to. Maybe 9 will be closer to 7 and it sure looks cool from the reviews I’ve seen.

Today given I had the day off I wanted to grab the Beer’N’Burger deal at the Tavern but Gareth never reawoke after his drinking  stint. Oh well back to work tomorrow at least for 2 hours.


~ by richardpmurfin on August 29, 2011.

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