American Lagers

Why is Budweiser in Taiwan 4.5%? and tastes nothing like the Ricey light beer that I enjoyed in the UK so much. I say this because in the last two days I have started seeing the 5% version around and it tastes nice. Do certain shops sell the Asian made Bud and others the American. I have it on good authority the reason why Busch lager in Taiwan isn’t bad is because its still made in St Louis by Anheuser-Busch. I have a soft spot for American lager much to the amusement of some of my friends. But why should lagers be slightly bitter. What’s wrong with a sweet edge to a lager when drinking in the sun especially. In Taiwan there are a few American lagers available and normally I’d rate Bud ( the most famous one right down the pecking order) but if the 5% Budweiser is to make a reappearance maybe I’ll change my opinion. Here are the American lagers available in Taiwan and a small rating to go with :

Budweiser 4.5/5.0% depending in which it is. The latter is a whole lot better than the former. I’d give Budweiser 5.0% a nice heart 2.7 out of 5. Good on a sunny day .

Miller High Life 5%: the Champage of beers . Sweet with a corn edge. Available in Wellcome stores and RT mart it’s always super cheap ( cheaper than tw beer sometimes) . I really enjoy this 3/5.

Busch 5.0% : Generic beer but better than the poor budweiser. Has a sweet sherbet taste. Available almost everywhere in Taiwan in fact far more available than Bud it’s more popular brother. 2.6/5

Michelob Dark 5.2%: Strange that only the dark version has appeared on these shores. It’s a great beer , pretty strong alcohol and nice dark texture. I have to be in the mood for it and it doesnt go well with food to be honest. 3/5

Coors light 5% . Not that freely available anymore thank god. Thoroughly tasteless. 1.8/5

Sam Adams 4.9% Fantastic crisp, hoppy beer with a good strength to it. It’s back in the 7-11 and I’m all the more happy to see it. Great beer with a real hoppy bite to it. 3.4/5


~ by richardpmurfin on August 23, 2011.

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