Sunday …..sad day

I’m writing this little entry from a small Starbucks in the entrance of a Taipei City hospital. Poor Jody was shaken today as unfortunately her uncle died last night so we taxi’d it down here. I feel somewhat of a 5th wheel but I wanted to be for Jody. I didn’t bring a book here also as I thought it’d be disrespectful , although now I wish I had heh.
Coffee of the day is really the only option at Starbucks it’s far cheaper and invariably stronger than the Americano option. Despite the circumstances I really do enjoy chilling in Starbucks. Gives me a chance to read far more than I ever would at home. This entry will be copied from my phone indeed I can even imagine the generic Starbucks image I’ll use. I’m listening to BT the ‘light of things’ . I still havent got bored of the master mr Brian Transeau even after 16 years ( since 95) and his music is as fresh and energized as ever the guy is a freaking legend. Hospitals usually depress me but in taiwan they are more sureal than depressing. Maybe I havent been to enough hospitals in the UK but I’m sure they didnt have Starbucks, convience stores and noodle shops. It’s good though sort of takes away the air of depression .
10 Reasons to like Starbucks :

1 – Atmosphere . I can feel like I’m back home for an hour or two.
2 – Comfy chairs
3 – Friendly staff who speak English
4 – Coffee of the day . Man it’s good.
5 – Real toilets
6 – Man it’s clean
7 – Scones N sammiches taste real
8 – Location : always convenient
9 – Spacious
10 – Quality , the mugs + decort always feel good.

After I left the hospital ( this is now later in the day) we went fo Fridays and then walked to Daplinglin and back over the bridge past Xindian. It’s a great walk and indeed a really cool little place packed with shops and restaurants. Later on we had some stir fry and watched Unknown with Liam Neeson , pretty good movie.


~ by richardpmurfin on August 21, 2011.

One Response to “Sunday …..sad day”

  1. Sorry to hear the bad news, I am sure your beastly charm will cheer her up! what a legend, your blog entries are so well written, it’s up there with the works of shakespeare and the works of the finest authors and poets the world has ever seen.

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