Nanjing East Road – Taipei

I’m a creature of habit I know fine well I am. So after work I have a sort of run down of things to do. Most often though I grab a can of Super Dry at the first Hi-Life after work ( avoiding any kids I know of course) . I then proceed to walk down Nanjing East Road. This road starts at section 5 and leads to Zhongshan station on the red line past many a decent restaurant like Gordon Biersch and Dan Ryan’s and indeed Taipei Stadium ( pictured) . Listen to Chicane on my mp3 and ponder life. Having an hour to walk to most Chinese people seems like a crime and most are perplexed by not taking a bus. I however see it as a great time to think and indeed have a beer or two. At the moment the journey is made in the sun on most days but I will finish later come September so it’s important to soak up the sunlight while it is still here 🙂 .



~ by richardpmurfin on August 19, 2011.

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