Tsingtao beer

Sitting with an ice cold Tsingtao about to watch ‘alter ego’ ( Voyager) . Went for a very brief jog to try and eleviate the guilt of a 4 cheese pizza and beers at Brass Monkey. I actually wanted the pie but it was sold out. The Monkey was completely empty tonight , perhaps it’s because it’s a Wednesday or maybe the pub scene is struggling in Taipei!
Books : About to read ‘book of souls’ by Glenn Cooper , courtesy of Flora ( birthday gift) . It looks cool and most books I have read about other books are decent. The Dumas club was an astounding read ( later made into the 9th gate ) and John Dunning makes several decent books about a cop book collector.
Football : Arsenal squeezed through the first leg 1-0 against Udinese but it’s clear that manager and players are feeling the squeeze especially since Fabregas’ departure and Nasri’s imminent move. Spurs are looking to buy Adebayor whom which I think is a very good player.
Holidays : Me and Jody are looking to a day or two in Ireland and or France while we are back home and Jody was doing some research into it to see if her Visa works over there. It’s gonna be good to be back. Just have to make sure I dont overdo it on the drink and end up a fat bastard . Or should I say more of a fat bastard. We are also Considering going out in Danshui on Friday night for a change. Nice beer , nice view good atmos.


~ by richardpmurfin on August 18, 2011.

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