Voyager is epic

Okay geeky entry. Star Trek Voyager is so damn watcheable. Ignoring 7 of 9’s ridiculous body or the quips of leutenant Paris. It possesses a quality that for me that hasn’t been seen since Next Generation. I genuinly like ALL the characters and if a storyline is dedicated to just one I don’t think it’s a waste of an episode at all ( i remember an episode about Trio in next gen ….man it was hard work) . The episodes are well written and there is enough urgency in the crews efforts to get home to make the storylines and plot developments enjoyable and at times gripping. The set doesn’t look old at all ( well it isn’t old if I’m honest). and lastly the fact that there is a target in sight means they didnt drag it on too long.
I now sit in my living room sweating with a Taiwan beer gold watching the episode ‘natural law’. I do have a can of low malt Kirin Green label which sells at 1 dollar more than the Ichiban but tastes considerably worse. The Japs have a lower entry lager which they sell on the market which contains less than 30% malt, because of this it’s taxed less making it cheaper in Japan. Unfortunately the taste suffers. The constant influx of Japanese lagers to the Family Mart downstairs never ceases to amaze me. Tonight Jody put away 3 Busch lagers and my two large bottles of Tw Gold as well as a large Heineken. I don’t know how she can do it on a weeknight tbh. She basically doesn’t get hangovers.
On the weekend I still plan to buy a new bag ( after the last one no Levis bags this time heh). As well as a couple of shirts for work. Jack has suggested a couple of books to get but I’m somewhat skeptical as Dominic constantly advises me to get books which invariably turn out to be a pile of old shite.
My blog entries have become thick and fast recently as I have found myself with quite a bit of time after work, my final fantasy 7 exploits and a couple of hours on mw2. I do wonder what happened to the pictures section that was on the old blog format ( msn blog – pre WordPress ) . Which leads me to my final rant . Since Blogs were moved from MSN to wordpress it’s clear that human traffic onto said sites are now none existant. Given also that ALL blogs that werent moved in time were deleted it also means most people lost interest and dont have one of their own ( so why should they cruise other peoples) . Even if people do look at my blog because they havent got one they are less inclined to leave a message as they havent got an account. It’s a real shame because blogs are for more insightful , they offer more in depth reading good scope for discovering more about someone other than ‘they are gearing up for the weekend’ or ‘ive put the two terrors to bed now for a cup of tea’.Facebook to me is just a lazy tool for people to spread general meaningless crap around at high speed. Dont get me wrong here I like facebook on its simplest level ‘hey john you coming to my birthday’ ……’Hey I saw this link I think you could use it !’ I dont however really want to hug your virtual teddy bear or indeed talk to a person whom I sat near once in maths class 25 years ago. Indeed this last entry was also put into Facebook albeit an abreviated version. Which sums up Facebook , quick abreviated and indeed ‘easy.


~ by richardpmurfin on August 17, 2011.

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