Lagers of Asia

I had a real lengthy period as of late where I was convinced my love of lager was waning. Indeed I was so into bourbon and scotch for a while I was starting to think ANY beer was soon to become a secondary option when It came to drinking. However since the start of the hot sweaty season I’ve found myself back in the lager. This is mostly due to the thirst quenching nature of ice cold lager in the heat. Even ignoring my current obsession with British ales and IPA’s it’s lager that is dominating my current alcohol consumption, namely Asian lager.
My recent excursions to Jap Yakitori joints as well as the usual stir fry places have meant I have been indulging quite a lot as of late and It isn’t Heineken suprisingly. Indeed I have found the tall boy Heinee’s taste flatter and more none descript as of late making me wonder if they are being brewed elsewhere ( instead of Holland) . My main beer of choice suprisingly now when out in restaurants is Taiwan beer gold. I have really found a new fondness for this crisp ricey lager. It like many Asian lagers are so suited to salty food. Other fantastic and underrated beers of note are Super Dry ( an eternal fave I have one right now) , Kirin Ichiban and even Sapporo lager. Japanese lagers very rarely disappoint and the perfect compliment to a Chinese meal. I do wonder why they arent more readily available on draught in Taiwan however but the availability in 7-11 and restaurants is sufficient. Lastly given the bland lager on offer in most English pubs you have to wonder why Japanese lager isnt more worldly available I guess it’s only a matter of time before they move into the UK etc. One word of warning keep the recipe and brewer the same ! too many lagers/beers are made elsewhere and the ‘same’ product tastes very poor *cough* *budweiser*. When I drink Ichiban or Asahi in Asia quality oozes from them. The same cannot be said of the Euro macros that enter the market in Asia. Carlsberg being all too prevelant in the current pub scene. Kronenbourg did make a welcome appearance a couple of years back but it doesnt seem to have the sharp bitter taste it had in UK ( maybe my tastebuds are changing over time ) . Okay so here are my top ten lagers in Asia albeit pub/bar/restaurant or even the 7-11. Note London Pride/Abbot ale/ESB and such are not lagers hence dont make the list…………we woudln’t want to convolute the whole process now would we ? One last point of note is that after talking to in depth abot Jap beer I do like some sweet standard American macros and it could be deemed as hypocritical that I like these but meh..this is MY list NOT in order   :

1 : Taiwan beer Gold is my current fave ( out of bottles of course)

2 : Asahi Super Dry ( as mentioned superb.

3 :  Taiwan draught ( rare but worth the find – try Welcome stores)

4 : Kirin Ichiban

5 : Heineken ( bottles)

6 : Sapporo draught ( again rare but v good if you can find)

7 : Asahi Black beer( great for a change)

8 : Kronenberg Blanc ( have it in Brass monkey and Carnegies)

9 : Tsingtao ( only in bottles and the  blue one not the green one)

10 : Miller High Life ( WTF I hear you cry but I’m really enjoying it’s mild swet corn taste)

Highlighted are Asian lagers.No doubt the list will be completely different in a couple of weeks heh. So ends this weird little entry about Asian Lager and it’s merits.


~ by richardpmurfin on August 16, 2011.

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  1. look at you drinking asian beer

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