Final Fantasy7! / 34 years old / Birthday 2011 / Minsheng birthday / Yakitori

34 years of age. Man it wasn’t long at all since I was posting about my first birthday in Taiwan. The night was good tho. We went to a run of Japanese bar/bbq food places. They are basically designed for snacking and chugging of beer. As usual I overindulged and wasted the following Sunday. Hence why I’m big into Friday nights out. You finish work and have excess energy and enjoy the night leaving 2 days of relaxing ahead. As opposed to waiting all day to go out and then lying in bed till late on Sunday only to be rewarded with work the next day. This weekend Jody treated me to a GB’s dinner and a couple of pints. I went home and she carried on to a KTV ( much to her regret the next day) . Today I played a bit of mw2 , had some sushi , went for a jog and had a late stir fry dinner with a Taiwan beer down the road. Avatar is on tv right now , man what a movie.
A few days ago I purchased FF7 off the psn classic’s menu after dad sent me 60 US dollar’s. Suffice to say it’s still as legendary as ever the atmosphere is incredible and I never tire of levelling up or indeed strolling the plains of midgar. It’s still a truelly epic title.
Tomorrow we plan to watch the last Harry Potter. It looks like a great one and it’s almost sad to say goodbye to a series that has been in my life for so long. Who knows maybe I’ll buy them on DVD or Blueray one day.
On a sporting note Frankel won the Sussex stakes in a ridiculous manner, destroying Canford Cliffs. He is the best miler i’ve seen since rock of Gibralter epic stuff.
Football : The Fabregas saga still rages on and on and Man City go from strength to strength signing Aguera from Spain now. Next years prem will be very interesting. I just hope City dont win it as I can’t stand them.
Drinking : I peruse beer and liquor websites. I’ve tasted belgian brews made by a single man in a hut near the river Berwinne. I’ve enjoyed malt whiskeys from the highlands and even supped on Londons very best ales. I drink exellent bourbons from the grassy plains of Kentucky. So why is it I get constant cravings for Miller High Life… American macro beer which gets 1.0/10 in the beer taste tests? I’m really into Miller/Busch and even Bud at the moment. I guess light sweet lager works well in the summer months of TW. The beers of the summer offer has now finished so I guess it’s good I’m distracted from the sudden disappearance of the Guinness/Boddingtons etc. The offer is altogether too short a deal. My Dad has bought in a ton of ale for my going home though so that should also make me feel a little better .


~ by richardpmurfin on July 30, 2011.

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