Modern Warfare 3 Game Mode idea’s :

Assassination :

3 Rounds. One life each round. One is the target. He has 1.5 times the energy. The game would probably play out like S and D a little bit. Maybe he would be highlighted in the mini map ( or that could spoil it ) . Second round the OTHER team has the target. If the second round is won again then the game is over. If not then its the third round. In the third round there is a target on both sides so in essence the first team to assassinate will win. If the time runs out then it’s based on points and if its the same then its a draw.

Sudden Death Team Death Match.

Both teams have one life per player. Maybe 2-4 teams. The players get 100pts for a kill. 50 pts for an assist. 25 pts if they dont die on the round. The game is three short rounds lasting maybe 2.5 minutes a round. If you win a round you get a bonus and indeed if you finish the game without dying you also get a bonus. The winning team is the team with most points obviously .


Like free for all but one player has ALL the perks and 300 health. If he is killed the player who kills him gets to be Juggernaut. You can only score points WHEN you are the juggernaut. ( like halo 2 basically but it was fun ) .


~ by richardpmurfin on July 5, 2011.

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