Ups and downs

Took day off yesterday as I felt rough. I did feel guilty calling in as they had no cover. Its also a 3000+ nt day off. But If you can’t hack it then what can you do but sit at home. I felt better later thankfully and played too much call of duty.
Mw2 has really got me irked as of late and I have rage quit more in the last week than I have in the previous 2 years. I guess all the flaws people talked about have sort of come to a head. Tubing, campers and most of all attitudes towards the game. Players charging towards a defensive wall of opponents giving them kill after kill and then ultimately chopper after chopper. No matter how good a player I am ( and I am) its futile to be faced with infinate air attacks and have no comrades to help capture. In Domination the objective is to take flags , something my team mates NEVER do . Team mates use the game mode to get kills but was they are being dominated and slaughtered by air support they don’t even do that. That leaves me to a wants/dont wants list in mw3.

Dont want :

* 3 frags
* HB sensors
* Silenced snipers
* Unlimited running
* Commando
* PLEASE OH PLEASE have pistols as secondaries only
* Tubes and rockets come with just one nade/rocket.

These would make the game less ridiculous.

Game modes I want in :

CTF ( keep it in )
ASSASSINATION ( like kz3 kill or protect a certain player)
MULTI TEAM BATTLES ( 3-4 teams in tdm or dom etc)
DEFEND THE BASE ( players have to stop intruders a little like HQ)

Bring back Terminal also.

Hmm this has turned into a mw3 rant. Also yesterday I ate a decent Thai meal with Jody ( although the service was slooooooow) . Went for a late run 12.30 am . Helped a drunken old man with his wallet and phone and watched an episode of Voyager called ‘flashback’ in which Tuvok experiences episodes from his past. Finally I drank some ‘Early Times’ bourbon in bed with the remainder of the ‘Sleeping Doll’. Early times bourbon is but 390 nt in Carrefour up the road past Jingan. It’s not bad but tastes a little too much like Jack Daniels for my liking. Jody loves the smell of bourbon on my breath when I get to bed at 3 am.


~ by richardpmurfin on June 21, 2011.

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  1. ey,,,,no games here….

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