2 day hangovers….

How often have I complained about the dreaded drink on this blog. I think I’ll sort of bullet point the weekend ; Went out for Gareths birthday , had a good time, got ignored by a Dutch guy, ran out of London Pride and finally caused a real hoo hah outside my front door as i couldn’t get in ( weird lock) . Jody was already in the house as she had to work ( god knows how she was drinking heavily till late also) .Anyway the day after I had a rotten hangover just managed to crawl out of the house long enough to eat shabu with Jody. Today whilst STILL recovering went to Luzhou for a walk around . It’s not a bad place to be honest although it was very humid today. Got back had two sort of rudimentary kebabs from the night market ( chicken not donner but still good) . Played some NFS hot pursuit and won 5 games of Sabo in a row . It’s rare to find a game of Sabotage nowadays so I relished every moment. I also watched some CSI and read the ‘sleeping doll’ by Jeffery Deaver ( good book).  Anyway the overall point of this blog entry is I’m dissappointed with myself as I wait all week for the weekend and then waste it by drinking too much. Next time I go out I should stop at maybe 5 beers. Anyway you live and you learn…….well I guess I don’t hehe.


~ by richardpmurfin on June 13, 2011.

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