Went to Gies after work for a couple of beers with Jody…hah! Turned into quite a few in the end. I’m not complaining however was a good night. Met Guillame & Craig and a few other aquaintances. Generally sat/stood around drinking London Pride and enjoying the warmth of the Taiwan weather. I’ts now 1.30 and I am faced with a huge portion of the weekend ( Friday drinking just makes more sense to me ) . Catch me if you can is on tv. Jamie keeps posting about mw2 just to cheese me off I think as the PSN is STILL not back. Perhaps it will be tonight who knows. Like I said in previous posts Ive been pretty happy with offline games such as Fallout 3 but more recently Ive been playing PGA12 the Masters and I have pro Evo 2011, a series which seemingly has got itself back on track after the last 3-4 debacles. PGA is a very chilled out game. Ive missed striking balls down the fairway ( ooh er) and chipping onto the green. I have only played 2-3 games of PES but like I said it seems very playable. Need for speed is another game I’m really back into. Exillarating gameplay, beautiful graphics and a great atmos. I’m considering buy LA Noire pretty soon also.
Christopher Walken is a bloody hero. BT is coming to Taiwan very soon near my birthday & and reckon I’ll have to see the legend in the flesh.

Later in the day ( this is post stroll) . We went to Bongos. Bongos is an enigma in Taipei. It has  great food , good atmos , good beer ( Speckled Hen) it’s well priced and it has NEVER declined. So many good ideas for restaurants or pubs end up struggling and jamming the prices up whilst the quality shifts downwards *cough* the tavern/Fridays/Yuma. The fish and chips there is very fine ….not quite chip shop standard but decent nonetheless. Jody had the salad a HUGE portion with blue cheese and tons of sauce and chicken . Its a really good deal and came with a tasty  ‘soup’. Now I hate soup but that was more like a chili sauce , great for dipping with fries or crisps.  It’s worth mentioning Bongos has the same owner as Forkers hence some of the menu is the same. However where Forkers leans towards mainstream food namely hamburgers , Bongos has a more worldly selection. Mediteranean/Mexican etc. I recommend the Falafel there if you want something different.

We got home veeery slowly ( traffic was awful) and chilled out. Then at 11 the guilt of binging last night and greasy fish n chips pushed me to go for a rather enjoyable late night jog in no4 park. I’m really enjoying running again and it helps me to eleviate guilt from my more gluttony heh.  I managed to pick up 2 books also. The sleeping Doll by Jeffery Deaver ( of the Bone Collector fame) and James Rollins’ ‘excavation’ , a swashbuckler set in the jungle by the lo0ks of it. I reckon I’ll finish watching CSI and head off to bed to start one of these bad boys soon enough. I fancy watching Scream 4 with Jody tomorrow even tho its been slated by critics ……oh wait ALL of the Scream movies were panned by critics yet I liked all of them! Okay that’s enogh rambling for now.


~ by richardpmurfin on May 21, 2011.

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