Saturday the 14th of May

Chilling out watching CSI New York at the moment. Got up a the respectable time of 10.30, despite going out for a few London Prides at Carnegies. I have to watch my waist as its the beer that puts thw weight on in my case. I’ll try and run later ( even tho its chucking it down) . Initially after work we went to to On Tap . A newly moved/refurbished English style pub not far from my work. We got there and they had no ales and Stella and Carlsberg on tap. They also had no happy hour. The connection with England is sort of hazy at this point ……..oh wait they had the bbc news on in the background. It also seems to have English food on the menu. I guess im being a bit down on On Tap. It’s strange but I really want to like the place it reminds me of a London or even HK pub but ive never had a good time there and the beer is unimpressive. It may sound melodramatic but finding a pub you like in Taipei is pretty hard. After a long week at work there should be somewhere you look forward to going and indeed a drink you look forward to supping down. I guess at this point it’s still Carnegies. My new love of Ale hasn’t helped matters as it restricts my choice of places. There is a small importer on Le-Li road ( ironically right by where I lived) which sell it direct but its still like 120-150 a bottle. I still like lager and whiskey but the latter isnt quite as enjoyable on a hot summers day.
The rain is really coming down now I hope it doesn’t ruin my weekend. I might try Zhongshan mall as at least it’s indoors and they sell PS3 games yehah. Jody is going to a wedding later also ( part of it is outside on noes!) . Tomorrow we’ll go to hers for a belated Mothers day. Tonight I’m gonna try Fullers ESB.


~ by richardpmurfin on May 14, 2011.

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