Wedding was great….Bring on the summer!

Okay so the wedding was superb. Food was amazing . Everyone enjoyed it. I drank copious amounts of alcohol and had one too many London Prides in Gies. Overall tho a complete success 🙂 . Lastly I also managed a profit. I also managed to get back a bottle and a half of Famous Grouse. My beloved Woodford reserve however did not make it back.
Today I was lucky enough to have the day off as the kids have a big test in Chinese school. I spent the day perusing the game shops in Taipei main. I looked at a couple of golf games and got a glimpse of the much anticipated Brink FPS. I decided against buying as I’m still playing Fallout and Killzone. Technically I have barely touched them in the last few days however due to a mixture of the psn being down and an urge to do exercise, be outside and erm watch more Voyager. After I looked at games I went to Starbucks and read my current book which is ‘Children of Armageddon’ by Terry Brooks. I’ve always wanted to get into Mr Brooks and this is my first foray. After I met Jody and had Chicken Pie and chips ( she had an overly salty lasagne) . She felt guilty about breaking her carb diet thing but it was kind of a one off reward for not getting enough delicious food at the wedding.
I’m really into London Pride Beer at the moment , ironic when I’d not have touched the stuff in the UK. Strange how peoples palettes change over time. I have already watched 2 Voyagers tonight and the last one ‘drive’ stopped halfway as I had ran out of free time on the player. I need a reliable streaming website ( note to self here) .
Summer is here in earnest already. It was 30 degrees today and I’m back into my shorts. I have two new pairs of summer trainers to make the ensemble less like a dirty student stumbling to school. Picked up some new blue sunnies also in Ximending. I wanted reflective blue tints but got just blue. The guy insisted they were polarized hence the 590nt price. I do think they look a little cheap but nice from the front. I also scowered the stores for a smaller gym back , perhaps a Nike one. My current bag is dirtying up my shirts with the handle. Also need a whote cap and some more summer shirts to make me feel at home in the fast approaching season. I realise I’m rambling on about summer clothes with little reason and indeed relevance to which I’m sorry.
I am continuing with my exercise regime and will go for a jog tomorrow ( wed) as it’s my early finish. I am currently drinking Black Grouse semi reluctantly given I havent fancied alcohol that much since Saturday. Jody is going to a wedding on Saturday but I reckon I’ll give it a miss. I could go to the Carnegies stripper party with Jack but I can’t be arsed to be honest. Okay by for now guys.


~ by richardpmurfin on May 11, 2011.

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