Busy time……..

So it’s close to the day of the ceremony. All invites are out a few people couldnt make it , no names *cough Tristan/David/Melissa . But overall it’s shaping up to be a great day. Ive lost a few Kg’s and had a haircut. Im still planning to carry on this running + exercise regime for sure.

Im gonna head up stairs to see if the PS network is up yet. Apparently as compensation we may get a free month of PS plus which aint bad at all.  My bro has been making my vids for the wedding and they are great. Nostalgic, euphoric and a little teary in places.

Jody has been so busy with her new job and the wedding I really feel for her.  Today is a hark back to the old days. I have just eaten a tuna Subway and I’m listening to ambient nights 4. I also recently got hold of Chicanes 2010 album ‘Giants’ I wasnt sure it had been released!! ( im so out the loop in Tw) , suffice to say its epic, it’s more like easy to assemble and a move away from the rock/dance blend he employed with Somersault. It has smooth ambient tunes and some dance classics . Including a remix of Paul Youngs hit ‘come back’. Paul Young and Nick Bracegirdle in one song! Anyway imma chip away at Fallout 3 in a bit and play some Killzone. If the network is back I’m considering firing up mw2 soon and getting back into some form for sure. I have missed the ak-47. It’ll be a tough journey to get back to my best but I can do it.

On another note I hope CSI is on , I’m really into it nowadays. Arsenal have slipped to 3rd in the league and have NO chance of winning the league. Chelsea have put together a real last minute charge but I predict it has to be Man Utd. It’d be ironic if they lost as all we’ve heard all year is how good Man U are how inconsistent everyone else is. QPR and Norwich have been promoted from the Championship , all we need now is Leeds United to make it and the trio is complete. If Leeds make it I do worry they’ll be whipping boys however. Okay cya.


~ by richardpmurfin on May 3, 2011.

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