Sony….Hacked to Death!

Don’t even get me started on Sony. What a balls up. If they get out of this one and manage to stay ahead of Microsoft in the hardware market I’ll be surprised. Ironic as they had just gotten into the lead despite an awfully slow start to the next gen market.

I wish these ignorant hackers had at least targeted a less caring company that makes it’s users pay for the service *cough* Microsoft. I feel for anyone that loses money. I also fear for the backlash ( court problems and people suing Sony) that will incurr.

Aside from that work at Yoyo is good. Still watching Voyager every night. I’m about to watch ‘Live fast and prosper’ at the early time of 1 am. Normally Id be on Killzone for longer but there is only so much you can have with bots ….ooh err. Im around 70% into Fallout and it’s still gripping me. I’m also reading Mam’s Book ‘To begin again’.

The wedding ceremony is in 10 days and I’ll be picking the whisky and buying new shoes this weekend. I’ve lost some weight and am now running a lot more. One day after getting my hair cut I was called handsome twice by randoms…..I’m sorry but that is very fickle. In Taiwan if you have facial hair or let your hair grow you are not ‘handsome’. Turn up freshly shaved and your the bees knees. This for me spells shallow. It is better than In the UK where if you put a gun to a girls head and asked her to compliment you you’d be picking out brains from your clothes. I can’t remember EVER getting a compliment from a girl that a- wasn’t my gf or b- wasn’t my mam or someone my mam’s age. I guess What I’m saying is even when I complain about Taiwan I still prefer it to England in every way .

When wordpress took over the blogs they didnt give people a way to access them casually ( they arent linked to MSN anymore) so I fear I’m rambling to myself. Ok that’s all for now.


~ by richardpmurfin on April 28, 2011.

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