It’s Saturday ( still loving my new Saturdays ) & and I’m chilling after a  small session on Killzone3 and Fallout 3 . Both epic games respectively. Fallout was a bargain in Taipei mainstation when I was at a loss for games after Crysis 2 inevitably let me down ( too many bullets to drop people and the sig was poor – no gamers in Asia) .Fallout has elements of 12 monkeys the movie , Elder Scrolls the game and even Oryx and Crake  the book. Its expansive enthralling and even scary at times. It also marks the first rpg I’ve really played since FF7. Killzone is the product of my continual search to find a game that can even come close to mw2. I’m not finished with mw2 to be fair but I just want to have another past time on ps3 and playing mw2 for 3 hours a day just to remain the best sort of became a chore. I’ll definately go back to it ( and hopefully beast ) but for now its on the shelf.

I met Jody after work in the new Gordon Biersch near Nanjing E road. I had two and went home to my PS3 and a bottle of Jim Beam Rye ( from Jody’s friend) , she unfortunately went on to room18 and now has an awful hangover.

Tonight Travis will come over and we’ll chip away at multiplayer and indeed some warzone on Killzone. I was gonna hit the tavern again but I dont think anyone would come to be honest. I went last week to see Arsenal ground out  a drab draw with Blackburn. It was also the cricket world cup final and the place was like little India . The supporters seemed to have a great time though. Went to JB’s for the first time in like 2 years midweek with Jody for  a beer also. It’s cool but too expensive and the food although meant to be great is also $$$.

I’m in the midst of a sort of diet where I try to drink less beer , eat more cereal and indeed do more exercise. I’m pretty controlled normally but after work on a hard day I cant help but grab a Samuel Adams beer from the 7-11. The marriage is coming soon also May 7th. I’d like to be a bit thinner for that.

Okay that’s it for now.



~ by richardpmurfin on April 9, 2011.

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