Quick post. I’ve started a new job at Yoyo school in Taipei City.  Yeh you heard me heh. It’s not bad at all. There is one class of kids that cannot be controlled , I mean literally , I’ve tried shouting, treating, tricking you name it. There are too many spoiled kids in there. But overall I can’t complain.

I can complain about my health though. I have a cold at the moment and a headache and a sore throat. Too many late nights and hard whiskey. I currently have two playstations after my first one all but died then somehow managed to come back to life after a purchased a slim. It’s not all bad now though as I have a replacement in the wings with 160 gig no less ( at last I can download stuff I’ve always wanted) .

I still play mw2 and red dead redemption alot and they are as great as ever. I’m currently anticipating a whole clutch of good games tho namely : Uncharted 3, Homefront, L.A Noire, Agent and possible battlefield bad company 3. There are others of note but I dont want to bore you.

I watched Arsenal get beaten off Man Utd in the tavern ( so many part time Man Utd fans cheering over their green tea trying to pretend to be interested) . I picked up another cheap Arsenal tracky top in Xinsheng technology mall whilst looking for Elder scrolls and C and Conquer ( both of which are too hard to find) .

My Grandma sadly died recently and It actually does effect me. She was a changed woman in her last ten years and became a truly great person.

Okay that’s all for now folks. I just watched the running man for the 5oth time and will try and stay healthy for a bit. Im on a health kick at the moment after I found myself being disgusted at my own gut whilst showering. Cereal and walking/running as often as possible . No crisps and beer if possible. I also drink Whiskey instead of lager. Just finished a great bottle of Elijah Craig. Okay It really is all now heh.


~ by richardpmurfin on March 16, 2011.

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