Got my APRC and work permit. I’m gonna help at HESS for 4 more days then I’m out of that place. I have a job interview tomorrow at Happy Marian in Tucheng. It’s not ideal to be honest ( too far ) but I need to get back into the swing of things, looking at new schools and doing demos just for shits and giggles really until I really happen upon one that is perfect.I like the idea of just getting around, leaving my name with agents and generally just improving on my interview skills.

Chinese New Year is over and I’m left with a decidedly sore throat. Taichung was very cool, had some beer and sauntered around in the warm air.  Whilst there we visited some cool bars and restaurants. Such as ; GB, Le Bl’eD’ore the frog oh  and some hot dog place called Franks. Tiachungs bars put Taipeis to shame to be honest. Wish me luck at my week or two of interviews, it cant be an extended holiday or my money will dry up. It is great to know I can work anywhere now and for anyone and Im not held to the company for an ARC. It doesn’t seem that long ago I was struggling around at Joyland worrying if I’d even be allowed to stay in Taiwan. Im off to enjoy the remaining fireworks that are being randomly fired off in Jong-He with a small glass of bourbon.

Travis is having a barbecue on Saturday. If you ask me the the warmth of the last few days wont last and people are being  alittle optimistic 😉 .


~ by richardpmurfin on February 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “APRC/Workpermit”

  1. What a legend you are , don’t forget to mention 5 nukes in like 12 hours…the stuff of legends………

  2. Yeah – wait till China nukes the **** out of Taiwan then you will soon be back in UK. Stupid prick.

    Vive le China.

    • lol so by you reckoning a nuke from China will somehow beam me to the UK. I think your nuclear knowledge should be shared it could allow transport technology of which the world has yet to see. As for the profanities…….I find this nonsensical . You can keep your bitterness to yourself my friend 🙂

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