Nearly CNY

It’s upon us again. I’ll make more posts in the new year. For now lets just say Im looking forward to finishing my classes and tying up loose ends ( lots to do in the next week) . Then I have 8 days off. My APRC should come through any day now.
On a drink note Im really into Johnnie Walker green. Its truly sublime. I get hints of honey and citrus fruit and a slight peaty edge. It reminds me of a pine forest after a bout of rain. I also play red dead redemption most nights. Im currently addicted to the liars dice/blackjack/poker tables. I still play mw2 every day, Yesterday I had some lols with the shield C4 combo, chucking it and blowing people up. Also used the deagle and got some surprising kills on estate. Managed a 52 total on overpass ( my best in a while) using 5-7-9 pred/chopper/pave.
The Asian cup is on tv and is moderatly interesting. That said Im still more into the premiership. Last night I watched Man Utd take apart Birmingham 5–0 ( Berbatov hattick) . Arsenal won 3-0 also.
The weather is cold at the moment but im not complaining. I need to compile my tree house 3 folders and control the mess made by the sub teacher after I was sick on friday . This school basically doesnt allow sick days but I did anyway oops. Anyway Life will be better after my APRC I can take control of my life.


~ by richardpmurfin on January 23, 2011.

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  1. congratulations on APRC baby

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