Nearly December

Man this blog is so old that hearing a song like ‘all i want for christmas’ by Mariah-I want to be 18 years old-Carey brings back waves of nostalgia already. I remember the days of Joyland , whipping kids into action ( almost literally ) forcing them to dance and move to a song which they don’t understand in the least. I might even search my own blog for fond memories of Joyland.

Im back to listening to accuradio christmas , but have also used 365 online winterscapes a bit recently. It’s now sunday afternoon and I just watched a christmas movie with Kevin Spacey and Vince Vaughn, not bad tbh. Last night I watched Arsenal beat villa 4-2 in a solid match . This didn’t compare to the 7-1 thrashing Man utd gave blackburn later however in which Jamie theakston …I mean Dimitar berbatov nabbed 5 ( equalling coles record) . I also drank a few cans of Heinee and was merrily drunk whilst playing Blur and stumbling round Ps home ( and being ignored , what’s the point of ps home no one EVER talks to me .)

Later I will go to watch the first installment of the final Harry Potter series. I have a feeling it will lean on the depressing side compared to the earlier efforts ( much like the books obviously) .

Lastly starbucks have launched their christmas drinks this year so I’m gonna find out if they have been lazy and released the same cherry mocha and toffee latte as last year or have they pushed the boat out.  That’s all for now.


~ by richardpmurfin on November 28, 2010.

One Response to “Nearly December”

  1. i had two starbucks today

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