Nearing christmas

Okay, so it’s friday night , I’m off to bed soon as I have an early start as usual. Christmas is looming and I’m back to listening to Loreena Mckennit and random christmas tunes. At the moment im listening to winterscapes on live365 radio online. I bought a bottle of Whyte and Mackay prize blend for casual consumption, indeed it’s not bad, it’s comparable to Johnnie Walker red imo. In the nose there are hints of lemon and malt and maybe even honey. The taste reeks of young whisky, it is sharp but definately palatable, grain with honey and a slightly peaty edge.

A week and a half later and my move away from black ops is not regretted at all. I am enjoying mw2 more than ever and it now has a sort of no pressure feel to it. I can’t however find as many opponents meaning my games of team tactical are few and far between. I’m looking to maybe buy Need for speed hot pursuit at the weekend. Arsenal are playing villa at 8.40 and if I’m not tired I’d like to catch it at the tavern tomorrow night, maybe Gareth and me can watch it over a few heinees.

Christmas is coming soon and I’m going to buy a turkey so on christmas day itself we can maybe exchange a gift and enjoy some atmospheric music and movies. I mean me Gareth and Jody. Maybe on the night itself we can go for a festive beer. Man I love christmas. Taiwan is in the midst of election fever at the moment and apparently a politician was shot in the face in Yong-he nearby! Okay thats all for now.


~ by richardpmurfin on November 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Nearing christmas”

  1. Good to see you are keeping acme Christmas traditions up. I particularly like the one where you randomly name things that are not used in the production of whiskey and claim you can smell them. 🙂

  2. Hah, well I tried to tell you this last year. In bourbon especially the alcohol is left in new oak barrels, so the whiskey is soaking into the charred inner barrel every year and then when it cools it goes back into the barrel. The wood is extremely porous and contains hundreds of natural flavours ( given its organic) many of which have flavours like maple , honey and sugars. When the whiskey leaves the barrel it has absorbed this and can indeed taste/smell of a multitude of different things! hence my ‘imaginary’ belief has some grounding.

  3. looking forward to the turkey!

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