Watched England beat Slovenia 2-1 last night in the Tav, Ryan and Cat were there but they barely drank ( queers)  . The match was poor to be honest and we didnt deserve the penalty what so everm still love watching footy in the Tav. Hired watchmen from blockbuster looks pretty cool. Had all you can eat shabu from a place down the road and Jody consumed an inordinate amount of food. Had an E-Coffee just now and may settle down with my ice cream to watch the dvd. Later il put in some practice in Hardcore Team death match as ive neglected it a bit recenlty and my world rank is slipping, partly due to hackers ( i lose a lot of places a day due to them and even a session only moves to me to a place I was maybe a month ago) . I think im around 1350th….which is a step back from a couple of months back. Modern warfare 2 is out in November and I just watched the latest youtube vid called flagrunner, it looks sweet. I also picked up Lego star wars recently from Tp main station, again thats a cool game, good for chilling out too with a beer. Im also back into GTA , and have been chipping away at that most nights. Tomorrow I have a demo ( potential new class ) . Okay thats all …..cheery bye.

~ by richardpmurfin on September 6, 2009.

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