Still my birthday ……….just . Im 32 today. Had a great night in Yuma, there was a large turnout – eh eh eh . Got a bottle of JD from Helena and book from Flora and countless drinks bought for me. Woke up late with an expected hangover and had a free lunch in Citizen Caine with Jody. Just watched 7 pounds with Will Smith , man what a movie!, sad tho. Im gonna get on Call of duty for a bit but im always crap when im hungover. Started a new course of Chinese meds and im looking to lose a stone or two , im looking pretty chunky at the mo, not too good. Thats said all in all things are looking pretty good. Anyway thanks everyone for coming to my bash . That was my fourth in Taiwan and im so unsure of what I did last year that im gonna have to check my blog . For further future reference for myself – After Yuma we went to Hokey and then On tap  ( i wanted to go to the heinee bar but we didnt get chance ) . Okay bye for now.

~ by richardpmurfin on July 26, 2009.

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