Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Satuuhrday…..

I was sick for 4 days, now i think im okay. Its my birthday next weekend, but I dont think Erik can make it, neither can the Canada bound Ryan , and Jack isnt drinking …oh erm is it worth having a party ( especially as the last hangover I got lasted 3 days ) . Played Call of Duty for 2 hours tonight and had some great fun. Also have a stack of new games including NHL 09 which is slick as hell. Took Saturday off ( as mentioned ) to recover from my stomache pains, but now i think Im gonna be just fine. Its the Kaiusiung world games down south at the moment , big news in TW. As it type ive just consumed a 4x bitter ( yeah imported to tw ..ah memories of OZ ) and whilst sweating I may read my new ( second hand ) book sphere which I paid the princely sum of 30 nt for. Lastly listen to the song on my blog it pretty much sums up Taiwan in a nutshell.

~ by richardpmurfin on July 20, 2009.

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