Update : Motorstorm/Medicine and May.

Just finished a stint on the ps3 whilst enjoying a Busch lager, and Im chilling to ambient nights 2. Two Weeks ago I started using Chinese medicine, to cleanse me internally and give me a shiny glossy coat…………….it was that or pedigree chum. Ive had liquid poo for two weeks since I started taking it, so erm I spose im cleansed. Im assuming it’l become more solid once im used to it.
   Im now 1725th in the world in cod4 and I have also began to play Motorstorm 2 Pacific Rift online on ps3 , but man Im rubbish at it. I bought virtue tennis 3 which is playable but it has also the depth of a birdbath, Im still looking to get nhl 09 as this game didnt give me the sporting fix I wanted. The champions league final is soon and im looking forward to Man U beating Barca. In a week and a half its Dragon boat festival , I think maybe my 4th in Taiwan. Four years how time flies …..indeed that just sounds wrong, but I did get here in 2005, crazy. Congratulations mam on her award too. Lastly Im moving to a great new place near Nansijao with Jody , its great , but il go into more detail in my first blog in my new abode, until then adios.

~ by richardpmurfin on May 19, 2009.

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