New entry …………brief

Had 3 holidays in 3 months , given if I dont use em I lose em. Pay is poor but man life is good, drinking beer/coffee and playing ps3, not at the same time. Really fancy a pint at the Tav, but no ones around. Gonna eat pizza now from pizza hut, at least when i get stuffed it kills the craving for alcohol. I plan to make more in depth entries soon , probably about how long and hot the summer is etc etc. Im 2950th in the world in call of duty 4 for kills, got a streak of 28 today. Im really into accuradio chill and ambient nights ( still at the moment) , on 25 hours at work but the tax law of 20% hits my wages hard. Picked up the blue planet on vcd for dirt  cheap and I borrowed a simpsons dvd of Bas. I tried to call Gareth but I assume he is in bed. Got wasted on saturday and went to 45/99 man what a headache, good night tho . Its St Patricks and im gonna stay in , hmm rather sad.

~ by richardpmurfin on March 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “New entry …………brief”

  1. i\’m jealous!

  2. Hey Chubster, good to hear from you! Glad life\’s good, still really wanna come visit. Maybe you\’ll get to NZ before I get there…

  3. Glad youre well. cant wait to read the next one, its just like you talking to yourself, quite time can you include a bit about your mirrored shades i take it youre still wearing them xx

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