Moon festival wash out!!

Had 3 days off , well 2.80 , seeing as work was called off 2 hours into the classes ( wonder if i get paid for them?) , anyway there was no barbecues due to incessant rain over the last few days ( its raining as I type) . Still I had a great weekend and played a lot of COD4 on saturday . On Sunday I hung out with Jody at citizen  caine for breaky etc ,and watched instinct with Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jnr , I also had pizza again ( chicken and mushroom and ham + pineapple ) , why dont they do farmhouse pizza in Taiwan ??. My fitness regime has suffered due to the poor weather , so hopefully i can run tomorrow night after work. Add that to two nights of Asahi silver drinking ( its addictive stuff) , doesnt eleviate any guilt ( or fat heh) . Im back into Champ man again big style and spent most of tonight crafting Bayern Munichs team into a potential Europe conquering outfit, that said we are in the quarters of the Champions league in the first season ( we have chelsea in the next round) . Got a coffee machine now and may start to make my own coffee ( a little excited ) . Oh yeah England beat Croatia 4-1 , it was a fine match watched at the tav with a few Heinees. Im listening to ambient nights and will attempt to finally finish ‘The apocalypse watch ‘ by the master Robert Ludlum. After which I will start ‘The green mile " bought dear Flora for my birthday . One final wish for mam and her exam and also the doggy’s eye to get better .
Bayern Munich 2005-6
1- Renser
2 – Salihamovic
3 – Lizerazu
4 – Lucio
5 – Agger
6 – Jeremies
7 – Schweinsteiger
8 – Ballack (c)
9 – Guerrero
10 – Pizarro
11 – Ze Roberto
Santa Cruz


~ by richardpmurfin on September 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Moon festival wash out!!”

  1. wish for ur mam,too…
    and the doggie…

  2. doggies eye better

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