Birthday is nigh…

Its my birthday soon and I have it all planned, I just hope that I really dont feel too tired for it , I work all week and then get up at silly ocklock on sat , ohh well time will tell. Im thinking of buying a new game for the ps3 , there are some awsome titles around/potentially being released, namely GTA4, metal gear solid, a  new civilisation game as well as resident evil 5 coming soon , ahh decisions descisions. Work is okay at the moment too. I bought 2 new pairs of pants at Hang ten. Im still obessed with Barista coffee and on average I spend 500nt a week at starbucks. Man ive been here since september 2005 Its really hard to believe.

~ by richardpmurfin on July 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Birthday is nigh…”

  1. Nearly three years.  That\’s mad.

  2. was a good bday.

  3. Three years ???? ah..that will be as Taiwanese people are very friendly and you have a nice little Jody….;)

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