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Okay I moved into Beagles old place and its great BUT there are enough teething problems namely no AC, the en-suite is buggered and the internet connection is poo ( we are waiting on a new one) to keep me busy. Jody is going away for a few days on wed and without COD I fear for my sanity. Im about to be hit with a large summer schedule which im certainly fairly ambivalent about. A typoon is also expected to hit Taiwan tomorrow ( or later today whichever way you look at it) . This new area has some sweet amenites , such as Legend tea, tepenyaki and a shabu shabu a stones throw away to name but  a few. Im back into ambient nights and watching Lapsadasical on my phat tv!!, Im also keeping an eye out for a hdmi cable to improve the quality. Yesterday I splashed out on a new pair of trainers ( which are starting to scuff already ) two pairs of pretty cool shorts and a haircut, we also watched Caspian which was actually quite cool. It was 36 degrees on Sunday.
 Ive managed to miss pretty much ALL of Euro 2008 its now down to the semis with Spain and Russia competing to play the winners of Germany Turkey, I fancy a Germany Russia final now I reckon. On Saturday I went to bliss with Jody and Erik but if im honest I wasnt up for a large one , not when i wake so early on Sat morn. Oh and I was locked IN on friday so had to miss work …of all the lousy reasons!!.Ive started reading the apocalypse watch by Robert Ludlum. ludlludl2

~ by richardpmurfin on June 24, 2008.

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