I havent blogged in bloody ages , im conscious that i will let this thing slip so i will start blogging again. Il update the info in bursts. Things are okay at school my hours are good, Jody is great , my ps3 is great ( call of duty is still high on my agenda of things to do ) , Im starting to slip into the whole sleping late thing which i managed to avoid for a long time, but still manage 2 hours ps3 a night. I still go to barista on my days off and read books ( im reading garden of beasts by Jeffery Deaver , its very good) . I still listen to chicane religiously before and after work also heh. Il blog properly again soon that was just an update. Oh and went to melissas birthday party on saturday in Gies , it was good , Il put a couple of pics up soon , il be moving house in June/July , and taking beagles old place as he is heading back to England , god knows why ??.
ps – im getting pretty good at call of duty , man ps3s are awsome. cod1cod2cod3  

~ by richardpmurfin on May 13, 2008.

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