eng39subwaysubway2subway3Managed to connect to Wi-fi in Mr Browns coffee shop so im making an entry , technology normally shuns me so i better be quick. Today is my day off and im chilling despite a headache from drink last night , I didnt drink that much and was in bed my 3 so It s a mystery why im so rough. I went to a small fried rice place I used to frequent alot when I lived in Fuxing, drank a few beers with Jamie and ate some jolly nice food. Im in the midst of a winter schedule for two weeks so the days are farely long and arduous at the moment, BUT jody is back today and hopefully I will see her very soon!!. I know I said this before but I will change the tune on my blog ( Gareth is helping me as we speak !!) , foodwise Im addicted to Subway again despite the fact that the Tuna sub has risen to 145$ from $125 grrrr, the last time a company did this (Bking) i actually pretty much boycotted the place forever!!. Chinese New Year is soon so i get 7 fun filled days off of sleeping, eating, drinking erm dancing and seeing my gf/mates.
 EBJ has a gig on satuday so Im off to sunny Guandu for a live performance, it promises to be the greatest performance in history. Goodbye!!. Oh and a great actor Heath ledger has died yesterday , im not normally serious on my blog but that is a terrible shame.

~ by richardpmurfin on January 24, 2008.

One Response to “Life”

  1. who would have thought it eh, blog entries on wifi, i thought i was an early adopter but i bet my first one was less than 2 yrs ago . that means in 2 years time youll be installing amithlon on your laptop and given 2 more years youll be talking to amigreet.

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